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Merced College students trust Merced College Bookstore for new and used textbooks and supplies. At Merced College Bookstore, you'll get the exact textbooks selected by your instructors at competitive prices--please compare our used textbook prices with other vendors! Hey don't forget to check our textbook rental prices also.

Please note, any course beginning with the letter:
L-ACCT is for the Los Banos Campus Accounting and so on.
M-ACCT is for the Merced Campus Accounting and so on.
M-VSP is for the Merced Campus VSP Program in Chowchilla.
M-BRC is for the Merced Campus Business Resource Center located on 19th Street in Merced.

Be Aware: Reservations and Orders have 3 business days to be picked up after you receive an order confirmation email.

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