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Survey Results

Bookstore customer survey; Spring 2013
Bookstore staff is polite and helpful:
Poor 1 Fair 2 Good  51 Excellent 187
My shopping experiences have been positive:
Poor 1 Fair 8 Good  87 Excellent 154
Bookstore hours are convenient for my schedule:
Poor 5 Fair 29 Good  86 Excellent 125
Customer problems with the bookstore have been easily resolved:
Poor 1 Fair 17 Good  71 Excellent 154
The bookstore has adequate school supplies for classroom and home use?
Poor 2 Fair 10 Good  84 Excellent 147
N/A 1
Overall satisfaction with the quality of services provided by the bookstore:
Poor 0 Fair 8 Good  80 Excellent 158
The on-line bookstore has been easy to navigate:
No 26 Yes 52 Good  72 Excellent 56
N/A 36
Did you know that we offer an online Textbook Reservation program?
Yes 120 No 115 N/A 7
Did you know that the bookstore also Rents Textbooks?
Yes 177 No 60 N/A 6
Do you follow us on Twitter?
Yes 19 No 223 N/A 4
Do you like us on Facebook?
Yes 58 No 172 N/A 12
Overall satisfaction with the quality of online services provided by the bookstore:
Poor 4 Fair 15 Good  100 Excellent 99
N/A 25
Bookstore Survey Customer Comments
Bookstore should open at 5:20 pm.
I'm glad you are here for all the stressed out students!! Great Job Guys!!
Earlier times!
Always friendly and helpful
I got a lot of help from loan and rabyn making my textbook shopping experience above and beyond excellent 
Helpful when answering questions staff has gone out of their way to help me J
Good job in helping people & answering questions. J thank you. 
long line, but that is to be expected on the Friday after fin-aid.
excellent helpfully you guys provide a source of electronics a small variety at least
good job Bookstore staff! You guys rule!
long wait by its only the beginning of school
It has been better since my last visit.  Approx 2 yrs has gone by since I came back to buy my things here.
Keep uo the great job!
I think the bookstore is really well organized
Great service!
I've never had any problems here.
Fast and easy
Its  good they have everything you need
great job!