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Return Policy

  1. All refunds and exchanges require the original cash register receipt. Absolutely no refunds or exchanges will be given without the cash register receipt. Also required is a valid student ID. Refund deadline is one (1) week from the date of purchase during Fall & Spring Semesters. Summer & Short Term Sessions are three (3) days.  Please check the end of your cash register receipt for the last return date.
  2. Textbook Rentals are not refundable and are due back to the store during finals week each semester.
  3. All sales are final on SALE items.
  4. Books being returned for a refund must be in the same condition in which they were purchased! This means no bent corners, scratched covers, pages written on, broken spines, and so on. Do not mark in your books or remove the shrink wrap until you are positive that you will be keeping the book and the class is not cancelled.
  5. Study aids (such as Bar Charts and Review Guides) and Access Codes for courses are NOT refundable regardless of condition.
  6. If the book contains any markings, is bent, or is in any way damaged, it will be treated as a used book and will be credited at 75% of the new book price.
  7. Credit card sales require your online receipt and the original charge card used for the purchase. You must have a handwritten note giving permission to use the card if your name is not displayed on the front of the card.
  8. The fee paid for renting textbooks is NOT refundable. Rented textbooks are due back to the bookstore during Finals Week. If textbooks are not returned, your student Datatel account at Merced College will be put on hold until the book(s) are paid for.
  9. If you have picked up an incorrect or defective book, return it to the bookstore within the refund period with your receipt.
  10. No refunds or exchanges on clothing, English books, paperback books, nursing uniforms, shoes, electronics, batteries, art supplies, Study Aids, access codes, and event tickets.  We reserve the right to make the final decision on the salability and return value of any product.
  11. No refunds on books purchased three (3) weeks prior to finals. Short-term classes are one (1) week before finals.