Summer 2018 Textbooks Available

Summer 2018 Textbook Reservations and Textbook Rentals are available for both Merced and Los Banos Campus Stores.


If you have any questions please call us:

Merced Campus 209-384-6280

Los Banos Campus 209-381-6427 or 209-381-6424

Spring 2019 Business Hours

Merced Campus -Expanded hours the beginning of each semester

Store hours
Monday 7:45AM – 3:00PM
Tuesday 7:45AM – 3:00PM
Wednesday 7:45AM – 3:00PM
Thursday 7:45AM – 3:00PM
Friday 7:30AM – 3:00PM
Saturday CLOSED

Therefore, if you have been waiting for a long time to book your handbooks, feel free to come to stores on your campus, and get them. Merced college campus stores offer a wide variety of textbooks for students of all majors. 


Firstly, you can find a lot of material on the particular subjects that you are studying, from the Merced College registered nursing program to accounting and gender studies. The literature we have is suitable for first-year students, as well as for soon-to-be graduates. Also, there is a specific section for art literature and languages. 

Secondly, if you are a student from overseas, you will find a few books on English language comprehension at our stores. All of them are adopted to the Merced College English as a Second Language program, and will be of great help for international students. With these textbooks, you will be able to develop your writing and reasoning skills so that you would not have to ask your classmates: “Please write my essay for me”; instead, you will manage to create well-argumentative texts worth the highest grade. Also, you can buy essay on affordable writing services to find out where to turn to if you need help with your homework. Each writing company is described in facts and figures with the mentioning of prices and the kind of service you can get there. Thus, choosing the right college essay writing service will not be a tough task for you. 

New – Option Essay Service

Third, if it’s your final year at Merced College and you are looking for graduate schools to enroll in, we advise you to look at creative writing textbooks and guides to graduate programs admission. They include valuable tips on how to complete the application process in short terms, reduce stress level during papers’ preparation, and offer help writing an essay for college With them in hand, you will have no chance to screw up your admission and financial aid deadlines.


Finally, our book stores offer free booklets for students who search for an academic essay writing service to use daily. They are enclosed to every purchase and cover all the necessary information about getting fast homework help 24/7. The ordinary process of ordering any assignment looks like the following: 

  • Signing up for a free account on the college paper writing service. You only need to provide your email address and create a password;
  • Making the order. To do that, you need to fill out a short but detailed order form mentioning your subject area, academic level, number of pages, topic, deadline, and other assignment details. After that, a writer will be assigned and you will see your paper in progress;
  • Waiting for the writer to complete your paper. At this stage, you can relax and go to the gym or meet with your friends. The writer will do all the work for you. Once your paper is ready, you will be notified;
  • Receiving a complete task. Finally, download your paper and give positive feedback to the writer if you liked their job. If you need any corrections to be made, do not hesitate to ask for them before your writer gets paid. 

You can book an appointment at our stores through the Merced College email portal if you need to review over 5 books at a time. Once you do it, we will reserve them for you so that no one could purchase them before your arrival; however, we will ask you to pay a certain fee in advance as a confirmation of your visit. This fee will be deducted from the total sum of your order once you come and choose textbooks for yourself. In case you will not find what you are looking for, we will return the money. If you do not arrive at the booked time, we will keep this fee, so please remember to cancel your appointment if you cannot manage to visit our store.

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